Our practices are global, enabling our staff to collaborate in best teams and across communities to provide deep expertise, insights, local knowledge and fast, innovative solutions to every search. Citizens, organizations, government agencies, businesses and media outlets alike rely upon the OHR for analysis, forecasts and perspectives on topics, events and issues that impact the global community.

Our Key Initiatives

  • » Discrimination Mediation

    OHR has trained and certified mediation staff available to resolve issues involving community-wide crisis, racial/ ethnic disputes, and hate crimes.
    For more information, contact: Althea Barnett

  • » Race Relations & Public Awareness
    • Inform the public about race relations in Greater Cincinnati & be the go to agency for race relations issues
    • Hold hearings and/or public forums regarding race relations in Greater Cincinnati
    • Create written reports with recommendations to City Council & City Administration regarding race relations in Greater Cincinnati
    • Provide training opportunities
    • Organizing monthly & quarterly community engagement groups
  • » Race Relations & City Contracts

    Determine if compliance is being followed with non-discriminatory provisions of city contracts by contractors doing business with city departments, independent boards and commission.

  • » Race Relations & Urban Development

    Investigate problems of inter-group relations which may be related to relocation and urban development

Community Outreach Advocates

Serves as coaches and mentors for group/gang members who want to "turn their lives around"; Collaborates with social and human services agencies, faith-based and community organizations to make referrals for employment, education, job readiness, reentry to improve their lives and reduce the chance of recidivism.

For more information on Community Outreach Advocates, the work they do and Violence Reduction, CLICK HERE.

Community Outreach & Engagement

Develops and participates in activities that addressing issues related to bias, prejudice and discrimination. Investigates issues that exist between racial, religious, ethnic groups, and inter-group relations living within the community and actively works to strengthen relationships. This includes connecting with various organizations in the community to help build stronger relationships across social identities.

OHR employs advocacy as a method to foster respect and build mutual understanding. These efforts include serving on committees and within coalitions that promote inclusion, developing hate crimes responses with community stakeholders, and serving as a facilitator to address community disputes.

Current Committee and Coalition Involvement includes but is not limited to:

  • Affordable Housing Advocates of Greater Cincinnati
  • Cultural Competence and Linguistics Committee of Lighthouse Youth Services
  • Diverse by Design
  • Faith and Community Alliance
  • Greater Cincinnati Latino Coalition
  • Human Rights Campaign of Greater Cincinnati Social Justice & Healthcare Index Committee
  • Martin Luther King Coalition
Learning opportunities are an integral element of creating a more just and inclusive community for all. This is achieved through the intentional dialogue, reflective readings, forums, and unique events via outreach and engagement.
Previous and Current Events Include:
  • Rethinking Racism
  • Twitter Townhall Current Events Series
  • Black History Month Lunch and Learns
  • MLK Jr. Day of Events
  • Social Justice Based Trainings (By request)
For more information contact: Christina Brown