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Welcome to the CHRC. This a place where you’ll find everything to start your career, to get through stages of your career and to change your career. CHRC was created by Marcos Rosales who enjoys teaching others everything they need to know about entering the job market.

CHRC started as a small project and has since grown into a big community for everyone interested in learning about different types of jobs and what they offer.

There may be many websites that focus on jobs and employment but what sets CHRC apart is that the team is dedicated to finding success for its readers.

Here’s what can you expect from joining the CHRC community:


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We’ll keep you updated on the latest and most reliable news when it comes to employment and jobs countrywide.  From any new policies put in place that could affect your job to unemployment stats. We’ve got you covered with the latest updates.


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CHRC provides you with useful tips and tricks to make entering the workforce much simpler. You can expect tips on ways to improve your chances of getting the job you want as well as how to get out of your current one.

We’ll keep you entertained with fun facts that will make job hunting much more enjoyable.

Job listings

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The team at CHRC only wants the best for our readers. That means sourcing out the best jobs available for you. We list any and all types of job offerings that become available so be sure to check in with us regularly. Please note that we only post jobs that are located in Cincinnati.


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Feeling down and out with your current work situation? Or perhaps just need a feel-good story to get more productive? CHRC strives to inspire our readers, and the team makes sure our site is overflowing with inspirational tales to get you back in the game.

You can count on CHRC to provide only the best and most reliable resources for its readers.

We appreciate your continued support and loyalty and would love to hear from you. So be sure to contact us if you have any queries or feedback regarding our site.