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Hiring an employee is no easy task, which is why a lot of companies are investing a lot of time and resources to make sure that the employee they hire fits the company. On average hiring an employee in the United States costs between $2,000 and upwards of $5,000 per candidate. Having a higher turnover rate and bad employment practices means that you have a higher chance of loosing money for your company.

Today we will cover what to look for when hiring an employee, to not make the mistake of hiring the wrong people in your company.

Make sure you accept properly written CVs and Resumes.

Having a bad CV and a bad resume means that the employee is not ready for a new job and is just “tire kicking” job ads. Why is this a problem? Well if an applicant applies for a job and then turns you down at the last moment. This can cause additional costs to your company.

Verify the Identity

Make sure the person applying is the person that is on the CV is the same person. You can do a reverse photo search from the CV on Google and see if the photo exists somewhere else. If the CV doesn’t have a photo, you do do a search on Social Media.

Check the Criminal History

A huge portion of of potential employees have a criminal history. These employees can cause damages for your company. We recommend that you run the criminal history of all potential employees.

You can do it your self but it’s very time consuming. There are companies offering these services. We recommend reading this article: FCRA Background Check: https://cfcw.org/employment-background-check-companies.

Check Previous Employment

You can contact the previous employer to find out more information on the specific person. You can also find this information if you contact your local staffing agency.




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